The Dental Solutions approach is different.

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Two Different Approaches


The Conventional Approach …and why it goes wrong

Interests are not aligned! Equipment vs Contractor vs Architecture vs Design vs Millwork vs IT. Everyone is trying to maximize their revenue from the project, leading to:

  • Cost overruns in certain areas and value engineering in others
  • Project delays
  • Finger pointing between the assembled team
  • Stress on the Doctor and the Practice

The traditional approach is to negotiate, hire and manage at least 6 organizations. This causes the doctor to have multiple points of contact and manage a process instead of managing their practice.

All parties are competing against each other and the doctor for budgets and timetable.

The Dental Solutions Approach …saving you time and money

We will build your office at equal the cost or less than if you did it yourself with our “On-Time, On-Budget” Construction Guarantee. If Dental Solutions cannot deliver your construction project On-Time and On-Budget, we will give you $10,000 in consumable dental supplies free, no questions asked…..guaranteed!

We align interests by integrating our solutions with Unthank Design Group; so what is agreed to on paper becomes a reality minimizing change orders, value engineering, cost over runs or project delays.

We provide a single point of contact for every aspect of the project, allowing you to manage your practice and not this project.

We focus on equipment selections as a Total Cost of Ownership, not Cost of Acquisition.

We realize increased tax incentives by allocating cost among line items, thus maximizing Section 179 or accelerated depreciation tax benefits.


The Dental Solutions “Solution” …the doctor advocate, your single source solution.