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Cloud Platform Software

DentalTek is a powerful technology platform that leverages the advantages of the Cloud and fully integrates with existing practice management software to make dental practices more efficient, increase revenue and provide additional security, privacy and legal protection. DentalTek turns your practice into a business.

DentalTek’s bundle pricing alone makes this resource a must have for your office. However, subscribers receive additional benefits including: deep discounts on supplies, lab and equipment which can save a doctor tens of thousands of dollars per year giving them more money to grow their business or increase their take home pay. Additionally, DentalTek subscribers have access of up to a $40,000 line of credit.

DentalTek Features

DentalTek has six primary features: 1) placing your practice and patient information into the cloud, 2) a smart office phone that integrates into your practice management software, 3) rapid call technology that can immediately start generating more income for your practice, 4) a reminder service that includes voicemail at no extra cost, 5) paperless forms which not only makes your office more efficient but helps you stay HIPPA compliant, and 6) a patient financing feature which can also grow your business by providing services to patients who otherwise could not afford your services.

DentalTek’s Features

  1. Cloud Services
  2. Smart Office Phone
  3. Rapid Call Technology
  4. Reminders Service
  5. Paperless Forms Service

DentalTek Subscriptions

DentalTek is a subscription based plan which can essentially be provided at no cost to the practice if they take advantage of the Dental Solutions discounts on supplies and/or lab fees. Contact your salesperson for more information or call:  844-DNTL-TEK (368-5835). More information is also available at

DentalTek will turn your dental practice into a business.

“I wanted to give you a big Thank you. Tuesday was a snow day for the office. Because you set me up on my laptop to work from home. I was able to reach all my patients and reschedule them promptly…I was also able to work from home and pick up calls. I was able to schedule 2 new patients. Which I otherwise would of not caught while they were interested. The Nav bar phone history screen allowed me to watch incoming calls and return those calls. Awesome.”


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